Thank You’s

Our 40th reunion was so great (thank goodness!) I thought this was a good place for thank you’s.

First of all though – thank you to Sherry Brown Whitworth and Claudia Marsh Craig for putting together such a fantastic surprise for me with the “gifts” and having everyone sign cards. What fun it was reading them all – many times. Thank you to all who participated. It was so appreciated and special. And, also to you both for coming up with the idea of having pictures taken of those who came from the various local schools. I can’t wait to see them.
Thank you to …
…  Howard “Whitey” Hale for being the only person to have an actual reunion meeting with me. And, for being a very special, fellow Rotty friend. Happy 1st Anniversary to you and Chris!
…  Sandy Webb Blinman for making calls. You made it so much fun.
…  Sandy (Shulse) and Leroy Coon for bringing your t.v. set at the last minute for the presentation which didn’t work for most of the evening because I had a senior moment and couldn’t find the remote.
John Crowell for helping me look for the remote.
…  Sandy (Shulse Coon) and Sandy (Webb Blinman) –  for helping with the door prize drawnings.
…  Neil Wiley and Bill Liebert for your enthusiam and encouraging e-mails. Your calls, e-mails and friendship really made it more exciting and worth it all.
Peggy Wilburn for letting me “cruise” with her in her fabulous ’58 Chevy.
Mike Walton for giving us something amusing to talk about when you tried unsuccessfully to sneak into the reunion without paying again. Ever since the 20th, we do sort of keep an eye out for you. But – it wouldn’t be the same if you didn’t at least try.
Jay Gentry for introducing me to low carb chocolate, beer and snacks.
… to all who came and made it such a special time. It was good to see friends I’ve made over the years and the new friendships made.

Sandi Safranek Idleman