Comments about the 40th Reunion from those who attended . . .

Neil Wiley

Our reunion was outstanding. They seem to get better as the years go by. I attribute that to the delightful people into which the members of the Class of 63 have developed, and to the efforts of Sandi, Sandy, Sandra and the rest of the committee for organizing the reunion and keeping us in contact. My impression is that as a group we are happy, pleasant, healthy people. The ladies looked beautiful and the men seem to have held up well over forty years. I hope our classmates who were not in attendance are doing as well as those who were. I had so much fun talking to classmates that I seemed to have missed the entire program. Afterwards my wife had to fill me in on the events of the evening. And there were many to whom I was barely able to say hello or missed entirely. Thank you to all who attended for an enjoyable evening. I vote for a cruise in 2008 so that we actually have time to get reacquainted.

Marilyn Peterson Williams

In my rambling I forgot to say how wonderful it was for Fred to win the one-of-a-kind fishing rod designed and donated by Jim Golyer. Fred and our grandkids will have great fun with it. Thanks Jim!

Marilyn Peterson Williams

What a great time! My trip from Idaho started out a little crazy. After driving 250 miles I realized I had left half the clothes I was going to bring still hanging in the closet (a sign of old-age forgetfulness) but I made do with the clothes I did bring (a sign of maturity), then running out of gas (forgetfulness) and thanking God for cell phones and roadside service (maturity). I picked up Fred in Nevada and we arrived at the Desert Inn on Friday evening. What a joy to see our best friend over the years Gloria Hankins and her great guy Gordy, Teena Poulos and Art (too bad Helen couldn’t make it), bubbly Peggy Trotter (you will never change) , Mike Walton (will you ever change?), Charlie Towner and his gal, also Peggy Wilburn and her great car, everyones’s pal Sandi Safranek and all the other fun people, the reunion was off to a good start! Sat. mg. we got to know Doralyn and Richard over breakfast in the coffee shop and then sat around the pool looking over old yearbooks and drinking forbidden beer (thanks Jay) with a host of people. It was great to see my old friends from Joshua school Connie Becket and Kathy Oliver. Saturday night was fantastic. Fred loved visiting some of the Eastside “kids” (Geri Derek and Alice Piani), while I talked with some of my buddies from the Westside ( Bob Losey and Ginger Barth). There are some great faces that will never change: B.J. Million, Sandy Nippert, Sandy Webb, I would know them anywhere. Fred was thrilled to have a picture taken with the AVHS 63 Baseball team infield ( Fred, Whitey Hale, John Krueger, John Bobich) and it was great fun to eat dinner with John & Claudia Krueger. John and I go way back to Del Sur days when we shared a cupcake at the Captain Jet Television Show celebrating Gary Ogden’s birthday (so sad that Gary is no longer with us to reminisce). We had a great time at the Sunday brunch visiting with Sandy and Leroy Coon and saying our last goodbyes. Thank you Sandi Safranek and everyone who helped put this on, Fred & I loved every minute of this reunion.
Can’t wait to go on the cruise in 2008 – “sea” you then.

Claudia Marsh Craig

Thank you for the most awesome of reunions. I really enjoyed myself. I am glad that I stayed at the Desert Inn the full time. It enabled me to meet and make friends with so many classmates that I wouldnt have had the opportunity to spend time. I loved the idea of taking the group pictures too. I found that I missed so many friends on the Saturday dinner. Hopefully when I log on the pictures I will see you and maybe find your email. I promise to make the next reunion. Love you all, Claudia

Betty Jo Million McGrath

The reunion was just that, “reuniting and reacquainting” ourselves with those whom we have not seen or talked to in many years and really only knew then in a childlike way. Seeing old friends and making new friends made the reunion more meaningful. This 40th celebration was relaxing with a no-pressure type of setting. As we visited with each other we were really interested in what each person has done and how their lives have turned out. It was a time that I truly enjoyed myself and spent time with people who have had a part in my life that formed long lasting memories. I will look forward to attending another reunion in 10 years! Lord Willing! Thanks friends for your kind words and generous friendships.

Jim Golyer

Well I hadn’t been to a reunion since the 10 years. I was really shocked and pleased to see so many of my old friends and accquaintances. I had such a good time and I really am looking forward to the next one. I was so pleased to see how successful everyone was and that they were loving life and enjoying the good things. You and the committee did a wonderful job and I truly thank you and everyone who attented.

Dr. Eloise Fernandez Cantrell

The get together on Sat evening was great. It was fun to renew faces and lives of the past. As a group, we are holding up quite well, I thought. We are still full of fun and enthusiastic about life and most of us were serving others in some capacity. It was nice to see that as a class we are inteligent, productive members of the sandwich generation. Thanks for all the hard work you did for the event.

Pam Wiesmann Kalmus

Seeing everyone is always a special treat for me…unfortunately it is always followed by regrets at not having made enough time to sit and chat with everyone and catch up. Learn about the kids, the trips, the successes, the sadness’, those who are gone, those that couldn’t make it, and THOSE WHO DID! I am always impressed at how well we all turned out, wonderful friends, accomplishments, families, contributions to our communities, and good fun too. One thing I find particularly interesting is getting a sense of history of my own life and remembering the people and events that have been so influential in shaping my own existence. I usually leave completely drained from laughing so much in fun with people who have shared the same adolescence as myself…. I am so proud to have had the opportunity to have shared that time with so many great folks and find that we can still share these times and use the wisdom gained for the future. The town has changed, we have changed physically, but our hearts haven’t changed. AVHS shaped my future and my life and I will never forget it!

Jay Gentry

Impressions Like most everyone who made it to the reunion I most enjoyed renewing old friendships and acquaintances. It was wonderful catching up with so many. There was also some of “the big chill” remembering those from the class of 63 who we have lost. I especially missed seeing Gary Ogden. Two observations that I found interesting… In many ways we have not moved much off center over the last 40 years. As I reconnected with the people who I knew well, the intervening years had changed our relationships very little and the interaction became comfortable immediately. With others who I knew less well back at AVHS, our adolescent differences had faded and the fact that we had survived the last 40 years (kids, grand kids, pets, spouses… life) gave us much more in common. We are a lot more similar at 57 + than we were at 17… and that is how it should be. I am already looking forward to the 50th. And one more time… thanks to Rottymom!