30th Comments

Friday night Our 30th reunion was held Friday, August 27th through the 29th, 1993. Several showed up the first evening for a get-together by the pool at the Desert Inn in Lancaster. The weather was perfect, the company great, the food delicious and the best part was that no one looked any older than they had 30 years before. Perhaps that’s why our eyesight begins failing us after forty.

Saturday – a picnic was held in the afternoon at Lancaster City Park. Many brought their children or grandchildren, their parents and friends. It was such a lovely day – warm, of course, very warm. The wind blew. But, for those who had moved away, it was more than perfect because it made them realize why they moved away. Coming back every five to 10 years was enough. Those who still live here don’t know any better so why tell them life could be different elsewhere?

Saturday Evening everyone who had attended the picnic went back to their homes or hotels and got the dust off their teeth and put on their dancing shoes for an evening consisting of dinner, dancing, seeing more new friends and participating in our program. We should have taken a poll of those who hadn’t stayed up this late in years. Few left early which is always the sign of a very good evening. Many went on to the Antelope Valley Inn to close down the place.

The AntelopesSunday Morning – Some were up bright and early Sunday morning to have brunch with those who were still left.

It seems that each reunion is a little better than the last one. As the years go by, everyone seems to be more relaxed than they were in the years before. No one is as shy as they were in high school. It really is so hard to believe that the AVHS Class of ’63 has hit the big 5-0 (an it’s gone beyond that). Did it seem to go by as fast for everyone else? It seemed that only yesterday we were going to guidance counselors to map our futures while now we’re planning on when and how we’re going to retire (for some that has come already.)

We were kids then and now our kids are going to their 15th and 20th reunions. Some of the grandchildren are heading up to graduate from high school.

Nineteen ninety-eight is the 35th anniversary of our graduation. Our next reunion will take place in the new Millenium and we’ll be closer to sixty. Again I ask, where has the time gone? And, how did it go so quickly?