Sherry Dobbins Rich

Schools you attended: Santa Ana College, L.A. City College, UCLA. All without getting a degree of any kind.

Profession: I worked part-time in reservations for TWA (while the children were children) and managed an entertainment travel office until the glory days of the airlines were well-past. Then a friend offered me a job as a paralegal and –having no idea what “unlawful detainer” meant– I accepted. I still haven’t figured out what I want to be when I grow up.

Married info: One husband, David Rich. Will have been married 36 years this June. We’re still not sure it’s going to last.

Children: One son, Aron, age 30; One daughter, Ami, age 28. Ami is already perfect. Aron will be moving out next week. Then he’ll be perfect, too.

Grandchildren: One can only hope.

Hobbies: Dancing. Other than shopping, it’s my only exercise.

Pets: One magnificent gray cat, straight from the junkyard and savvy enough to have outwitted the coyotes for eight years. We address him as Monsieur Furay.

What is your favorite memory of AVHS? From the 9th grade, I remember: Some old(er) grads wearing mums and wandering around campus on Alumni Day, looking for certain teachers. Looking for something new to wear to the Homecoming Game, had to be black and red–and then the dance! Exciting stuff for a freshman.

If you could change anything about High School what would it be?I would have been nicer to certain people, and less concerned about being cool. I would have had at least two teachers fired for wasting everyone’s time. And I would have been sure to let Mrs. Pickus know how extraordinary she was.

What are your plans for the immediate future? Dance class, tonight. Wheeee!

As you look back on your life, what do you think was your most outstanding accomplishment in your life so far? I’m hoping for lots of tiny ripples, because I certainly haven’t done anything grand.