Doralyn Gridley Carnes

Doralyn Gridley Carnes

Nickname: Dorie

Schools: Rosamond Elementary, Hamilton Jr. High (Rosamond), AVHS and AVJC, 1 semester

Profession: Prior years, homemaker, secretary, statistical clerk, bookkeeper

Current: Self-employed with husband, Residential Care for
Developmentally Delayed children and adolescents.

Married info: 30 years married to Richard Carnes.

Children: 3 sons:

Steven (39)
Loren (38)
Robert (29)

Grandchildren: 8 and one more on the way.

Hobbies: Reading ( mostly inspirational non-fiction; some fiction), going to dinner with friends, some movies, walking with my neighbor, going to reunions whenever possible.

Pets: Bandit, a 5-year-old Jack Russell Terrier that’s as annoying as a Jack Russell can possibly be, yet, too much fun to get rid of.

Favorite Memory of AVHS: Being part of the cheer squad that drove Ernest Tosi crazy when we traveled to away games.

What would I change? NOT take Algebra and Physics–two miserable years, and for what?