Bob Unger

I snuck out of town in 1963 to U.C.L.A. and wound up at U.C. Berkeley where I graduated with a degree in Engineering.

I then moved to New York City where I dabbled in modern dance, motorcycle racing, and finally got hooked on psychology. There I got a Masters degree in Social Work and studied psychoanalysis until New York got the better of me and thus in 1981 I fled to a Buddhist meditation Center in Colorado.

There I met my wife, and after a year moved to Boulder where we’ve been since. I received my Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology in 1993, and am currently in private practice of psychoanalysis/group therapy and do organizational consulting and supervision.

We have two sons, 17 and 13. Besides work and family I am an avid cyclist, and indulge in Master’s road and mountain bike racing.

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