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2015 – Neil Wiley, Bill Liebert, Lee Gwyn, Richard Bradham

2014 – Neil Wiley, Richard Bradham, Bill Liebert, Lee Gwyn

2013 – Lee Gwyn, Rick Halliwill, Richard Bradham, Gayle Carder Dickenson, Neil Wiley, Jodie Mason McCaslin, Sandy Webb Blinman, Bob Unger, Carolyn Meyer Poetzsch, John Krueger, Bill Liebert, Miki Billo Mayer

2012 – Lee Gwyn, Stefan Wolowicz, Gayle Carder Dickenson, Neil Wiley, Bill Liebert, Sylvia McCulley Premer, Carolyn Meyer Poetzsch, Doralyn Gridley Carnes, Sandy (Shulse) and LeRoy Coon

2011 – Lee Gwyn, Neil Wiley, Bill Liebert, Jay Gentry

2010 – Lee Gwyn, Bill Liebert

2009 – Lee Gwyn, Bill Liebert, Sherry Dobbins Rich, Neil Wiley

2008 Neil Wiley, Bob Unger, Carolyn Meyer Poetzsch, Larry Hobson

2006 – 2007 – Lee Gwyn, Larry Hobson, Bill Liebert, Bob Bird

2005 – Rick Halliwill, Bill Liebert, Neil Wiley, Larry Hobson, Lee Gwyn, Carolyn Meyer Poetzsch, Doralyn Gridley Carnes

2004Bill Liebert, Neil Wiley, Eddie Cole, Larry Hobson, Howard (Whitey) Hale, Lee Gwyn

2003Larry Hobson, Jay Yake, Bob Unger, Sherry Dobbins Rich, Doralyn Gridley Carnes, Bob Bird, Bill Liebert, Howard Hale, Toni Saldubehere Smith, Carolyn Meyer Poetzsch, Weldon Larson,  Sheryl Beers Lightner and Rick Halliwill.

2002Larry Hobson, Neil Wiley, Sherry Dobbins Rich, Bill Liebert, Bob Bird, Sandy (Shulse) and LeRoy Coon, Barbara Kennepohl Oliver, Sandy Thompson Wilson, Doralyn Gridley Carnes, Margie Mills Mattingly, Betty Ellis Mabry, Jacqueline Houser Lowe, Bob Unger, Jay Gentry, Don Simmons and Jay Yake.

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