Larry Hobson

Former AV Class of ’63 Classmate Writes Book! (Bio below)

The book “The Day Of The Rose ” is just about out. Ask your local bookstores.
Book is published by Trident Media Inc.
801 N. Pitt Street #123
Alexandria,VA 22314
Toll Free #1-877-874-6334
Book written by Larry Hobson of California and Anita Wilson from New York.

Dean Ketter and Brian Roberts, lifetime friends and business partners were busy in their oil company offices when they got the news. All of the employees on their oil rig in the Persian Gulf were dead-killed by a mysterious virus.While they hunt for a motive, Victoria Manning, a biological warfare researcher hunts for a vaccine to prevent spread of the virus.
The story is further complicated by the discovery of an old journal that hints of a family rivalry many years in the past.Rivalry between the partners had become a tradition over the years as they sought to beat out each other in athletic tests and conquests of desirable females.Victoria Manning adds to the rivalry when she comes into their lives and divides her affection between them.The competition mounts as she continues to appear and disappear, tantalizing the partners who vie for her attention.
The result is a suspenseful tale complete with romance, action and intrigue.
If you like stories of terror, love, travel and complicated plot twists, this book is for you.

The Day Of The Rose has all the ingredients for a great read- intrigue, romance, and sex.
It’s a wonderful surprise for a first novel and will keep you turning the pages late into the night.” –
Walter Cunningham, Apollo 7 Astronaut and author, The All-American Boys

Above photo: Larry at the 30th reunion with Ron and Karlene Rogers (left) and John Martin (right).

Schools you attended: While in the State of Oklahoma where I was born I went to the big red brick schoolhouse called Garfield. I had a lot of good times in Garfield and couldn’t wait to go to Central High School. Never made it to that school, parents moved from the green hills of Oklahoma to the Mojave Desert town of Lancaster when I was eleven years old.

I start back to school at Joshua elementary where I found out when you live in the desert sometimes the school lets you out when it rains. While in Oklahoma our schools didn’t let you out even if it snowed.

I went to Joshua for two years. I remember having a teacher there called Mr. Miller, I had his photography class. He was gone one day and a sub had the class. We tried our hand at developing some pictures, they didn’t come out to well and we pour the wrong chemicals back into the wrong bottles. When Mr. Miller came back he had someone’s wedding pictures and tried to develop them. The film came out of the develop tank not as negatives but clear as could be. Mr. Miller wasn’t very happy about that.

From there it was on to good old AV high school, I was always the shy type kid in school. I do remember a few things about AV though, a shop teacher named Mr. Thomas, which like to go out to his car, which he parked right in front of the shop, and take a few drinks of alcohol. But he was a good old guy.

I remember the walk out and the fire hydrants being turned on trying to stop the kids from going down Lancaster blvd. Then it was a run to the back of the school and cop cars were everywhere. The teachers finally got us to sit down on the back play field and had a talk with us and then let us go home. I couldn’t wait to get out of school and that day finally came, graduation day.

It was going to be so much fun being out of school, until your out and find out now you have to find a job, a real job one that will support you and the new wife I soon had. You forget how easy it was being in school and your parents paying for everything. Now it’s your turn to pay.

Profession: I started off working right out of school for Rex Cole Steel Company, drilling holes in steel plates. I would just get one stack done and they would bring me another one. The clock was on the wall in front of me and made the day seem like a year.

I also worked sand blasting and painting on a new rock crasher in the middle of the summer that was a hot job.

I always wanted to be in the movies but was just to shy for that. I went to work for a construction company called Santa Fe Engineers, worked for them for about three years as a carpenter apprentice.

I started contracting myself after that and have ever since. I did a lot of contracting for movie stars and took acting lessons, but was just too shy to try and get a job in the movies.

Married info: I married my lovely wife Victoria in 1965 and un like many I’m still married to her and loving every minute of it. She’s a great person.

Children: I now have seven children.

Grandchildren: four grandkids

Hobbies: Being on the Internet and writing.

Pets:1 French poodle, 2 Boston terriers, 1 lab, Great Dane, 1 bird, chickens and geese.

What is your favorite memory of AVHS? The walk out

If you could change anything about High School what would it be? Forgetting it.

Do you have any plans for the immediate future? I’m adding on to our house and plan on enjoying the view over the valley from the second floor. Still planning on continuing to contract and being a construction consultant.

As you look back on your life, what do you think was your most outstanding accomplishment so far? Having a good job, never being out of work and being able to do just about anything I have wanted to do. Having a great wife and being married for 38 years.

That’s all folks
Larry Hobson